Our production program consists of packaging labels, wide spectrum of self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, passes and tickets for several occasions and other products (sewn-in bands, ribbons, thermal printers...). We also make digital clichés for letterpress and flexography - CTP.

Packaging labels
Packaging labels from polypropylene foil are mainly used in the industry of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. Packaging labels deliver better effects and the intensity of colors than paper labels. Label lines reach high speed of labeling. Ecological momentum is one of the essential advantages, as the labels can be recycled together with plastic bottles.

Self-adhesive labels
Self-adhesive multiple layer labels (multi label)
Are used mostly in cases, when the space intended for label is limited and there is too much text. In such cases, the dimensions of one label can give us 3 times as much space for the text, as the label can also be printed on the back side (on the adhesive) and then on the bottom label (sandwich). They are also useful when the bottle and its content are transparent and the back side of label can be read through the bottle (saving of the back labels).

Labelroll labels
These are special labels for small cylindrical products or test tubes, where there isn’t enough space for text.

Transparent labels (no label look)
Labels with invisible edges; due to their remarkable transparency, these labels (cosmetics) give an impression of direct print.

Laminated labels
Additionally protected labels assure high resilience against various influences, including the mechanical ones.

Labels with gold print
With a special procedure the label gets a nobler look. Useful especially for cosmetics and wine labels.

Flexible packaging
Printing on flexible packaging presents an important part of our offer. For the need of food, chemical and cosmetic industry. In the field of food industry, we mostly make flexible packaging for coffee and spices, and for cosmetic industry we mostly use flexible packaging for testers.

Passes and tickets
For the needs of ski slopes, theaters, cinemas, swimming pools and other similar activities, we are also specializing in production of tickets and passes.

Digital clichés for letterpress and flexography
Graphic preparation and implementation of digital clichés for letterpress and flexography.

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